Hotels and Food

Hotel "Pacific"

Neuer Pferdemarkt 30-31, Fon +49-40-4395095/96, single room + breakfast 36 (restroom and shower in the same hall)

Hotel-Pension "Elite"

Binderstraße 24, Fon +49-40-454627, single room 43, these rooms are just 300 feet (100 m) away from the Conference hall and very important for people who have to seriously rest sometimes in between.

Picture of Hotel-Pension Elite

Hotel Schanzenstern

Bartelsstraße 12, Fon +49-40-4398441 (see Conference map) (fully booked with many Conference presenters)

Hotel Fritz

Schanzenstraße 101-103, Fon +49-40-8222283-0, please mention "Uraniumweaponsconference" some very few double rooms (one bed) for 50 might be still available